Dj Muster In Sexyon

House, Ácid House, Undeeground
Dj Muster In Sexyon House, Ácid House, Undeeground Zaragoza Musiqua
Zaragoza, Aragón
€ 150 - 1800
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Dj Muster , Showman dj
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DJ, producer and owner of record labels FEELING RECORDINGS, MOSS MUSIC RECORDS CREAM, SILCO MUSIC, RECORDINGS USUAL, and STRESS TECH. Following extensive musical career behind him, this young but already a veteran artist, is now a consecrated name and to consider among the best. The sets he developed are of very high level either by its musical culture, its philosophy in constant evolution or the show that characterized him direct. Today in addition to being immersed in his DJ performances, he is the boss and alma mater of STRESS AGENCY , being indispensable part of MINIMAL PARTY, "ALTERNATIVE CONNECTION" and "MUSIC HISTORY". Fests who have gone through the best clubs. Sponsored by the brands: SLYAIR TIGI. Fully dedicated to his musical career, he runs his own company called Stress Records & Agency with his brother and personal manager, Ricardo Lahiguera, established in Zaragoza and offices in Barcelona and Ibiza.


Dj Muster es Showman. Tras toda una carrera musical de 30 años, este veterano artista da gusto verlo.


Mínimo 50 min y hasta 180 min Dependiendo del sitio o lugar y dependiendo de lo contratado.

Logística y equipamiento

Dj profesional, Productor Musical. Según lo contratado el artista solicita o pasa raider.

Ensamblaje y movimiento

Según el sitio o lugar si el show lo necesita se hará estudio del show.


30 años en la escena y sus show han viajado por todo el planeta.