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CarlI&I - Raízes Tupiniquins

Singer/Songwriter CarlI&I


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Reggae music has been adopted by nearly every country across the globe. The true roots music of Jamaica has continued to grow as a cultural lifestyle strongly linked to Rastafari as the preferred medium of consciousness. The history of international reggae is told through the story of many non-Jamaican artists. CarlI&I has his own story to tell. CarlI&I, a rising Brazilian reggae artist was born in 1982, as Carlyle de Queiroz S. Filho, in Goiânia,Goiás, Brazil. As all brazilian children he wanted be a football player,but his mother remembers him singing in so many family parties. CarlI&I received his first guitar at age 17, from a friend that didn´t want it anymore, leading to a well defined musical beginning. While growing up, he remembers listening to black music, brazilian music, resulting in his introduction to Bob Marley and the Wailers. At 19, Carl&I began attending parties where friends played a mix of reggae,rap and rock, furthering his love for roots reggae music. In 1999, CarlI&I started the band, “Profunda Raiz” performing covers by Bob Marley, “Ponto de Equilibrio”, “Tribo de Jah” and so many reggae brazilians artirts . A few years later, after changing the name to” Cerrado Manjah”, the band released some many concerts around your hometown.’ In 2004 , CarlI&I moved to London, England. After been with some Africans and Jamaicans rastafarians, started your knowledge in the rastafari culture and letting your dreadlocks grow. As artist still searching for reggae excellence, experienced a feeling of emptiness and frustration. CarlI&I headed to Spain where he formed his actual band “ Gwa Ya”. where he still leading and performing in high level reggae music style. While in Basque Country, in 2020 Carl I&I’s first album “Raizes Tupiniquins” was recorded by Sergio Campomanes on Positive Vibz Studio in Madrid Spain . Tracks with some mix of style, based on reggae, roots, stepper, ska, rocky steady. Where express by him your best performing, powerful and learning about reggae music during all those year playing&singing. A beautiful album with the participation and contribution of artist such as Mega Lion and Mary Jane (Emeterians-Spain), Paulo Dionisio(Produto Nacional- Brazil), Ras Makalox(Road to Zion- Luxembourg), Caio Stuart (Brazil), Leo Roots(Brazil), Julio Weber(Brazil) and many more. Now is looking foward to new experience and learning, by his own ,expecting performing in various part of the World with his first album “Raizes Tupiniquins”, with some real power of reggae music, sound system & culture. We give thanks every day to the life.

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Como músico brasileño, vengo actuando en vivo a más de 20 años, direccionado mi estilo a música reggae. Con experiencias y vivencias en Brasil, Inglaterra y ahora en España. A parte de mi proyecto solo, tenemos un grupo de reggae llamado Gwa Ya, que soy el cantante. Hemos podido tocar en diferentes partes de España, Portugal y Luxemburgo.


Es un proyecto de un disco solo, donde los componentes y números de integrantes pueden variar, según la contración.


El concierto varía entre 45 minutos a 1:30 de concierto, según la disponibilidad. Con canciones totalmente autorais .

Logística y equipamiento

Sí, usamos un sistema de PA, para diferentes situaciones. Que pueden varias el precio del espetaculo.

Ensamblaje y movimiento

El montaje es relativo al lugar y necesidades. Normalmente varia entre 1:30 a 2:00. Solamente el montaje. Disponibilizamos de transporte, en caso de necesidad.


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